Beer Here.. Beerfest Exclusive

MobCraft Beer is Crafting a Beer Festival Exclusive

There’s Only One Way To Get It

Madison, Wis.—March 3rd, 2015 | In the spirit of always wanting to craft new “1 off” flavors, MobCraft is announcing the release of their first beer that will be available exclusively at beer festivals! The beer will be available to anyone who attends beer festivals featuring MobCraft this year. Here is how you can get your hands on it: visit the MobCraft Beer booth at any of the following beer festivals throughout the year, show them that you cast your vote in the monthly recipe competition, and you can partake in some of the MobCraft beerfest exclusive beer! This specialty brew will be a one of a kind barrel aged beer from the Sour Stash line or the Barrel Cellar. Here is a list of the events MobCraft will be attending this year:

4/25 Dells Rare Barrel Affair

5/2 Cask Ale Fest

5/9 Big Barrel Tararrel

*this list will be updated on the MobCraft events

page as more festivals are added


“We wanted to showcase something special to our fans who come visit us at festivals this summer. The current fest only beer is an oak barrel aged sour barleywine, its picked up hints of bourbon from the barrels, that pair well with the rich malts and puckering sour form the lactic fermentation. At the end of the day we love turning ideas into beer and bringing them out to our biggest supporters.”
Henry Schwartz