MobCraft Stands its Ground No Deal with the Sharks

MobCraft Stands its ground with Craft No Deal with the Sharks

Madison, Wis.—March, 14, 2016— MobCraft Beer was featured on the March 11th episode of Shark Tank on ABC. The episode can be viewed here:

Positive reactions for MobCraft’s beers came from the sharks, most enjoyed were Vanilla Wafer Porter, and Hop Gose the Grapefruit. All but one Sharks disliked the sour ales, a unique style of beer not fit for all! Their reactions are hilarious!

MobCraft was unable to make a deal with the Sharks with the primary deal breaker being MobCraft’s decision not to outsource production.

In response Schwartz said “In the Craft Beer World it’s really important to have an identity so I’m happy to be able to say that we’re going to go through with our plans to build out our own brewing facility to make our wonderful beer”

Since being in the Tank, MobCraft has done just that. A new MobCraft Beer facility is under construction and is slated to open this summer at 505 S 5th Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MobCraft will continue to brew Monthly crowdsourced beers, as well as add additional beers to its flagship and sour beer lines.

Right now at 8 beers are battling for first place, with the winning idea being turned into a beer. The past winners yet to be bottled can be seen at All beers now have a 2 and 4 pack order option!