Mystique Update: Shipped!

Andrew Gierczak and Barrels of MystiqueMystique is tasting amazing! We are so excited to get this beer to you. It has been packaged up and is ready to ship! It will be in your hands in early June! Be sure to get your rare barrel aged double IPA.

Mystique has been resting in bourbon barrels for a few weeks, and there is nothing like that smell of sweet bourbon and oak to tickle your senses. Not much to do on this beer in the immediate future as its just soaking up those tasty oak flavors. We will sample the beer in about 6 weeks to see how its developing. We anticipate Taking the beer out of the barrels in June/July if it is ready, then add one massive dry hop addition!

Mystique Description:

Aromas of strong citrus and pine assault the nostrils followed by a nice bouquet from bourbon barrel. Flavor is noticeably malty with a slight sweetness that melds perfectly with the bitterness and strong dry hop flavors, finishing dry and oaky with not too much but enough bourbon on the backend. Although this beer is aged in barrels, it was dry-hopped post aging so drink fresh!

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