Black Tart Outlaw Update: Shipped!

The long awaited day is finally here!! Black Tart Outlaw has been packaged and is on it’s way out for all to enjoy!! This barrel aged beer is such a treat! We can’t wait for you to try it. Well worth the wait 🙂
08/16/16 – 09/22/16
The fruit has been added!! We now have to give the fruit sugars time to re-ferment out. We are expecting it to be finished and on its way soon! We can not wait to try the fruity sour finished product 🙂 We are eagerly awaiting the release of this beer!!! It will be coming at you in the next couple weeks!!
Black Tart Outlaw ETA Late summer  
Black tart outlaw barrel ged sourBlack tart has fully fermented out, has been transferred into bourbon, and has been inoculated with lactobacillus. Those little bugs are scavenging around eating up sugars and slowly turning this beer sour.  We’re going to let it pick up some acidity before we add the fruit, and use that as a way to round out the flavor, and leave  a slight bit of sweetness behind. This is one of the longest processes in the beer making world, so this beer will be aging until at least August but believe me it will be worth the wait!
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