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Brewers’ Boot Camp

Interested in becoming a brewer? Learn the ins and outs of brewing beer! We’ll be brewing on the 30 barrel system and the Spike Brewing Pilot System. Highlights – Full Day of brewing education – Pilot System & Commercial System – Mill In, Dough In, Mash Rest, Vorlauf, Sparge, Boil, Muck Out, Whirlpool, Knockout/Pitch, Cleanup […]

Existence – Barrel Aged Belgian-Style Sour Ale

Existence is a series derived from our barrel aged Belgian-Style Sour Ale conditioned with wild yeast, souring bacteria and fruit. Existence, Existance Cranberry, Existence Cherry and Existence Raspberry are the first four beers to be released in this series. After Existence aged in barrels for many months we selected barrels to referment with various fruits, […]

Ode to Sahti

Sahti was traditionally brewed in the villages of Finland as a farm house ale with ingredients that were readily available. It was brewed with grains and pine that were grown near the villages and fermented with, what was understood as, “magic” or wild yeast. We tweaked this traditional style by using modern brewing equipment, grain […]

Cherry Moon – Collaboration Brew with Crimespree Magazine

A post written by Jon Jordan. Co-Founder of Crimespree Magazine. I’m a Milwaukee native born and bred. It’s pretty hard to spend much time in Milwaukee without getting a sense of its history with beer. Hell, the city grew primarily because of beer and the industries that popped up to support the beer brewers here. My own […]

Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival

It’s time to pull out your phones and block off June 18th, 2016. Why? Because it’s the annual Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival at Bayshore Town Center in Glendale. If you’ve never attended this beer festival, this is the year to rectify that! With over 30 Wisconsin breweries, including MobCraft Beer, and 26 local restaurants in […]

Give Dad the Gift of BEER!

MobCraft turns your ideas into beer. Users submit ideas for beer they want to try, and we develop a recipe. Each month the user submitted recipes go up for vote. The recipe that wins the voting round is brewed, and shipped to customers in 42 states. We are the only brewery that brews its beers […]

MobCraft Beer and FANchise – Crowdsourcing Elevated

Listen up, MobCraft Beer fans! You already know that fantasy brewing is a reality, thanks to MobCraft and our loyal fans. But what if I told you that fantasy football could become a reality too? No, you’re not going to be the GM of the Packers, at least not on Ted Thompson’s watch. But you […]

Acid Wit: Sour Beer and the Flanders Red vs. Flanders Brown

If you’re like me, you’ve “loved sours!” for years, while stuck within your severely scanty, sour social circle. You cling to your two close, sour friends, Monk and Duchesse, watching from afar the trending, sour-beer, love fest . . .

Art and Bombers: the Creativity of Fan Recipe Submissions, Post #1

This month’s voting round brings some doozies, with ABV up to here. If you could see me, I’m pointing at my Adam’s apple. I should be pointing at my gaping, watering mouth as I gawk at all these gaudy-delicious, high-gravity beer recipes . . .

Spy vs. Spy: IPA vs. Black IPA

Visually of course there’s no mistaking one for the other, the one being, well, black. But you’ll hear even knowledgeable people say they’re the same, other than the color. Blindfold many a craft beer drinker and have them taste an IBA, and very few will guess it’s not an IPA. So then how come . . .

Common Thread Brew Day

    Yetserday I had the privilege to visit Wisconsin Brewing Company for the day with reps/brewers from several other WI Craft breweries to take part in the annual Common Thread Brew, a collaboration brew between all WI craft brewers as a show of industry solidarity and overall just getting together and hanging out. This […]

Grab Your ‘camra’ And A Pint Glass: Getting To The Bottom Of A Cask Ale

Cask Ale was, up until about 30 years ago, a nearly defunct/extinct way of serving beer. The traditional serving style in the quintessential English Pub, cask ale was the preferred method of nearly all beer dispensation before the railroads, refrigeration, and artificial carbonation came on the scene. In the early-mid 1970’s, a grassroots organization in […]

Barrel Aged Beers: Subtleties And Soliloquy

Barrel Aged Beers: Subtleties and Soliloquy I know it’s been awhile since my last entry, so I’m going to make it up to you by talking about a subject that might be of interest to many of you, and is very near and dear to my heart. Today I’m going to tell you a little […]

Imperial Insights: What Qualifies As An Imperial?

As American craft brewers, we have a reputation to uphold. Innovation, pushing the edge, leading the way for crafting excellent beers, and not just in realms that would leave the most steadfast observer of the reinheitsgebot in the leveling depths of despair either. We have been pushing the edge in many traditional styles as well, and […]

Sexy Beer: Compelling Narratives in a Post Craft Beer World

I think everyone can agree that, from a  post millennium social and economic perspective, beer is a sexy subject. There’s just no other way to put it. America has fallen in love with craft beer, and shows no signs of its thirst being quenched anytime soon. But even more so than the beer, people have […]

Summer Beer Festival Etiquette

Summer Beer fests are a quintessential staple to any craft beer lover anywhere, and most people end up going to at least one. Whether it’s your first time out or you’re a seasoned veteran, beer festivals are a great way to meet new beers, brewers, and geeks. Start exploring the wide and wonderful world of […]