Getting your hands on a MobCraft beer is pretty easy. Whether you live near the brewery or on the other side of the country, there is a way! (Just make sure we can legally ship beer to your state.) States beer can be shipped to.

The Vote:

One pre-order equals one vote. The vote starts on the 1st of the month and ends when the batch is sold out or the 21st, whichever comes first. Cards aren’t charged until your beer wins. After you have found a beer that you want us to brew and are ready to preorder, click the "Pre-Order Yours" button to move to the delivery page. From here, select if you would like to pick up the beer from the brewery or if you would like to purchase it through an online retailer that can ship the beer to you. This will take you to the checkout page, where you enter your contact and credit card information. We run a preauthorization on your card until the voting round is done. If your beer wins, we process your order and keep you posted as to when the beer will be ready! If it doesn’t win, you can either choose to transfer your pre-order to the winning beer or take no action and your card will not be charged.

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The Brew:

Once the round closes, the beer idea goes through the necessary steps to be come a packaged beer. We first design the label and submit it to the government for approval. This approval takes about 35 days. While the label is in review, we order all the ingredients then get to brewing the beer. The brewing process takes about 2.5 to 4 weeks depending on the ABV of the beer, and how complex the addition of ingredients gets. Often winning beer ideas involve some barrel aging. This process results in incredibly rich and complex beer, but as you cant rush time, the process takes months. Beers are available for preorder until the batch is packaged, so if you missed the vote, often you can still snag the previous month’s winner. Once packaged, the beer is ready for pickup, or gets shipped out through an inline liquor store.

The Submission:

Submit your idea for a beer. It can be as easy as “I want a beer that tastes like chocolate and cherries”, an expression like “hops hops hops and a lotta booze!” or as complex as a full beer recipe. Don’t worry--we’ll fill in any gaps and perfect the formula. Once the Fed gives us the OK to make the beer, your recipe is ready for voting! Share your beer across social networks or email it to your friends. Each pre-order counts as a vote, and the beer with the most pre-orders wins!

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