Camille, a Chardonnay-loving Blonde

Wine Casks aged

by Jeffrey Lipes

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"Hi, my name's Camille! I'm blonde and Belgian. I enjoy long walks on the beach, spending solitude in premier cru Chardonnay barrels, and chamomile tea to round out my night. Swipe right to put me on your lips." Style is Belgian blonde ale. Plus chamomile tea. Aged for as long as needed in either premier or grand cru white burgundy barrels.

Recipe Details

Scaled down so you can brew your own 5 gallon batch
Special ingredients
  • 2oz Chamomile (Barrel Aging)
  • Wyeast 3522 Belgian Ardennes
Malt bill
  • 1.5lb Honey Malt
  • 9lbs Pilsen Malt
Boil time
  • 60
Hop regimen
  • 1oz Hallertau @ 60
  • .5oz Hallertau @ Whirlpool
  • 1.054/1.010
  • 20
  • 5.8%

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