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Ninja Smoke Bomb

Smoked Black Tea

by Mike Misiorowski


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An east meets west Porter brewed with Lapsang Souchong, a smoked black tea. As the name goes, it’s intended to be a smoke bomb with a nice cultural twist.

Recipe Details

Scaled down so you can brew your own 5 gallon batch
Special ingredients
  • 4 oz Lapsang Souchong @ Secondary
  • US-05
Malt bill
  • 7% Brown Malt
  • 3% Carafa III
  • 5% Roasted Barley
  • 2.5% Chocolate Malt
  • 2.5% Dark Chocolate
  • 5% Flaked Oats
  • 5% Cherrywood Smoked Malt
  • 70% Pale Malt
Boil time
  • 60
Hop regimen
  • Cascade @ 60 (25 IBUs)
  • 17P/2.8P
  • 25
  • 7.7%

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