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October 2018
Mahalomallow webimage 1018

--Good things take time! This is a barrel aged beer. We are hoping to release it in Late 2019-- Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout. With coconut, charred/toasted marshmallow and a pinch of cinnamon with some Kona blend Coffee. Welcome to the Islands.

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October 2018
Artboard 1

A dark, chocolate-bodied porter with a smack dab of peanut butter, this sweet and smooth peanut butter cup beer will easily satisfy that sweet tooth. Even your dentist will love it.

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September 2018
Artboard 1

Inspired after the classic supper club dessert drink; mint, vanilla beans, cacao nibs and lactose with lots of chocolate malts. This beer is swirling with decadent mint and chocolate flavors.

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August 2018
Artboard 1

A sMOOth White Chocolate Milk Stout - brewed with white chocolate, vanilla, cacao nibs and just the right amount of lactose sweetness. Hay, in case you haven't herd, this beer is udderly fantastic...

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July 2018
Artboard 1

A fruity IPA dripping with passion - Mango and Strawberry tango in a close embrace across the palate as fruity hops glide by for a dramatic finish.

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June 2018
Berrynice webimage 2

Blended sour ale refermented with oodles of blackberries and raspberries that will leave you feeling berry nice!

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May 2018
Artboard 1

From the darkest depths of the universe comes this dangerously delicious IPA featuring toasted coconut, lactose, sweet dark cherries and Galaxy hops.

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April 2018
Squeezetheday webimage 2

Imperial IPA with Strawberry and Lemon - When life gives us lemons we make beer! Strawberry lemonade inspired beer that is. Perfect after enjoying a warm summers day. Hoppy, citrusy, strawberry…y. Squeeze the Day!

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March 2018
Artboard 1 150x 100

This Hefeweizen is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! As banana and clove swing across your pallet, strawberry sweetness and wheat character make for an ap-peel-ing bunch. Go Bananas!

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February 2018
Screen shot 2018 03 01 at 11.31.28 am

A delightful drinkable peach and raspberry sour, perfect for drinking during weekly knitting circles to help hone in the stitch and lubricate the snitch.

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January 2018
Artboard 1 150x 100

--Good things take time! This is a barrel aged beer. We are hoping to release it in Late 2018-- Imperial stout brewed with peanut butter, maple syrup and dark Belgian candi sugar. 50% aged in bourbon barrels.

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December 2017
Midnitrodragon webimage 1217 01

Your adventure begins as the elusive Nitrous Dragons of Cream City pave your way on a glorious, blackberried journey into the Oatmeal Forest. Coffee Sprites lure you down the Chocolate River, and place thy palate into a dream.

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November 2017
Queenhazel webimage 1117 01

--Good things take time! This is a barrel aged beer. We are hoping to release it in Late 2018-- Aunt Hazel returns as she gives reign to Queen Hazel in all her splendid majesty - twice the vanilla, twice the hazelnut and a decadent malt bill fit for a queen. Left to slumber in fresh bourbon barrels, she now wakes to claim her throne. Queen Hazel - long may she reign.

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October 2017
Dudeism webimage 1017 2 01

Life is full of strikes and gutters, but we all abide. This White Russian Stout ties any room together. Also known as, 'The Dude' if you're into the whole brevity thing.

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September 2017
Wakeup webimage 1017 01

IPA created with coffee and a respectable amount of hops. Bright, floral, citrusy hops meld with earthy coffee character for a taste that will get you moving morning or night!

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August 2017
Artboard 1 150x 100

Light it up with Bonfire Summer Stout - Aged to perfection in whiskey barrels brewed for a delectable hint of S’mores. Adventure on!

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July 2017
Screen shot 2017 07 31 at 5.18.55 pm

Ale with a hint of lime and a jalapeño zing - enough spice to make you sweat a little.

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June 2017
Screen shot 2017 07 07 at 5.00.50 pm

An Imperial hefeweizen fermented with orange juice, orange zest and grains of paradise. 9% ABV

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May 2017
Wioldfashioned webimage 0118 2 01

Inspired by Wisconsin’s famous Old Fashioned cocktail, this Ale is aged in brandy barrels blended with muddled orange, cherry, and bittering spices. In true Wisconsin style - enjoy with a fish fry or deep fried cheese curds, why don’cha.

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April 2017
Sourcherrycandysour webimage 0118 01

A light Sour Ale refermented with 800 pounds of cherries. Bright, tart character teases your palate while juicy cherries tickle your tongue.

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March 2017
Boozecruise webimage 0317 01

Perfect for days out on the water, a highly drinkable Saison-style ale brewed with mango and pineapple.

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February 2017
Mangoaway webimage 0317 01

A juicy Double IPA featuring mango and a tropical hop aroma of Citra and Mosaic. Swarms of hoppy bitterness perfectly balance with sweet mango and a malty backbone.

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January 2017
Gentlemenstart webimage 0118 01

--Barrel Aged Beer! ETA - Early 2018-- Competition for this elixir has been fierce throughout the ages. What better to wash away the dust and grime of a day's survival than a large quaff of dark pucker? Hints of vanilla and berries elicit memories of simpler, more civil times.

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December 2016
Bloodofacan webimage 0117

Cocoa powder, coffee, cayenne pepper and vanilla combine in this high gravity brew that whispers rich and spicy nothings into your ear. DONE, son!

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November 2016
Clanmacdougall webimage 0617 r1

Scotch Ale aged in Islay Scotch Whisky barrels. Flavors of Scotch, rich oak barrel character and malty ale blend for a unique spin on a barrel aged Scotch Ale.

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October 2016
Grandmaadelines webimage 1116 01

A delicious Milk Stout reminiscent of Grandma's homemade German chocolate cake. This dessert beer made with cocoa powder, cacao nibs, vanilla, coconut, lactose and brown sugar is sure to be a sweet treat.

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September 2016
Hopcobbler webimage 1016

A Cinnamon Apple Hefeweizen brewed with apple and cinnamon. Lightly hopped and finished off with traditional German yeast. Served this fall by your favorite beer wench.

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August 2016
Caplansvbs webimage new 0916

--This is a barrel aged beer. It will be in barrels until mid 2017-- Imperial stout aged on oak barrels and split vanilla beans aged for minimum 6 months.

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July 2016
Aunthazel v2 webimage 0516 01

Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout finished with Vanilla, Cacao Nibs, and Toasted Hazelnuts. Strong whisky and wood aromas overlaid with Hazelnut and Vanilla. Roasted malts, hazelnuts and Vanilla combine for a rich, slightly sweet imperial stout that finishes with smooth bourbon and silky cocoa.

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June 2016
Breakfastblueberrywaffle webimage 0716

Unfiltered wheat beer brewed with blueberries and toasted malts for a brew that fills your mouth with rich hefeweizen flavors, blueberry fruitiness, and malt for some biscuity goodness.

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May 2016
Mc dontfearthefoil web

An all malt, European style lager featuring noble hops reminiscent of a beer brewed in Milwaukee's past! Brewed from extra-rich malt, specially selected grain, and select hops, then given extra lagering period to develop a full, rich, smooth taste.

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April 2016
Senorbob webimage new 1216

Imperial Cream Ale brewed with agave syrup and aged in tequila barrels

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March 2016
Laughingclown web

Laughing Clown is a rich and robust Milk Stout featuring roasted, chocolate malts and cacao nibs for a brew that punches you in the face with chocolatey goodness! Insert creepy clown laugh and enjoy!

February 2016
Mc web maltshoppesuds 0316

A Milk Stout brewed with brown sugar, cacao nibs, salt and vanilla to create the flavor of a salted caramel chocolate malt.

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January 2016
Mc web blacktartoutlaw

Sour ale aged in bourbon barrels at least 6 months with black cherries, blackberries, and apricots.

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December 2015
Mc web mystique

Aromas of strong citrus and pine assault the nostrils followed by a nice bouquet from bourbon barrel. Flavor is noticeably malty with a slight sweetness that melds perfectly with the bitterness and strong dry hop flavors, finishing dry and oaky with not too much but enough bourbon on the backend. Although this beer is aged in barrels, it was dry-hopped post aging so drink fresh!

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November 2015
15 057 mc web tappingthemaple r1

Smooth, sweet beer brewed with maple syrup, oats and smoked malts.

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October 2015
15 054 mc web nostoutaboutit r1

A double dark chocolate & jalapeno stout. Heavy on the chocolate with a moderate dose of chiles for flavor and of course heat. Rich and full bodied with a noticeable burn on the backend and low bitterness.

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September 2015
15 044 mc web ballandchain r1

The Ball & Chain Imperial IPA is a well balanced beer with extra citrus added to enhance the citrus notes without adding bitterness. This beer is a lot higher in alcohol than it tastes.

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August 2015
15 040 mc web cranberryalvarez r1

Warning: This beer is so Wisconsin it might cause you to get out your seats and jump around. It's made with fresh Cranberries from "up north", and is best enjoyed under the bright shining light of the moon. Oh Cranberry CENSORED, praise to thee we sing.

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June 2015
Sippinongj webimage new 1216

A beer that brings you back to 1994 where you can be laid back while sipping on gin and juice. Mosaic, Citra, Cascade and Galaxy hops provide the juice while juniper berries bring on the gin.

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May 2015
15 029 mc web wheatmencantjump r1

A bold Wheat IPA with a healthy dosing of hops and Wisconsin juniper for a robust but refreshing beer.

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April 2015
Vanillawafer illustrationart 0217 01

Vanilla Wafer Porter is a chocolatey Porter swirling with vanilla notes that will leave you floating in bliss, hints of smooth, malty cocoa meld perfectly for a Porter that’s outtasight!

March 2015
15 017 mc web alohadankeschon r1

Witbier brewed with cocoa, coffee and coconut.

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February 2015
15 012 mobcraft web orangeyouglad r1

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange, who? Really, you don't know how this one ends up? We're not going to make you suffer through a Banana joke. This time, we put Blood Orange Juice and Zest into a German Style Hefeweizen. Don't be afraid of the slight tartness derived from the Lactic Acid!

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January 2015
15 011 mobcraft web eggnogstic r1

Milk Stout brewed with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves lactose, flaked oats and vanilla beans for a silky smooth, rich sweet stout. In memory of Aaron Maier (1985-2014), who truly lived life to the fullest with no regrets and will be forever remembered by his family and friends. “The value of a man’s life is measured by the number of people whose lives he has affected positively.”

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December 2014
15 003 noctis web r1

Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels with craisins, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, and cacao nibs. No flavor should overpower the other, rather, they should blend and complement for a silky smooth yet heavy stout.

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November 2014
14 015 mobcraft web dondurio r1

Durian and cashew pale pilsner. "A meandering river of pale pilsner malt supports the languid and pungent raft of durian fruit as it carries you along shores dotted with the cashew-strewn rubble that was your expectations' frail civilization." - Welcome to the New World of Flavor that is Don Durio's Filthy Mustachio.

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August 2014
Mobcraft web beelzebubsrun

Roasted malts, cocoa nibs and raspberry combine for a truly rich but exceptionally drinkable porter.

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July 2014
Mobcraft web ofbw

This beer plays off two things that are very "Wisconsin" German Heritage and Old Fashioneds, Casey suggested a traditional German recipe, Berliner Weiss (a moderately sour wheat beer) featuring some elements of the classic Wisconsin cocktail the Old Fashioned (Cherries, Oranges and a few of the spices found in bitters). The beer was split in half and aged in either used Brandy or Whiskey barrels, the tartness comes from lactic acid.

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June 2014
Mobcraft web candyforbreakfast

Medium bodied coffee porter layered with notes of toasted peanuts and bitter cacao and a rich coffee aroma and finish.

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May 2014
Mobcraft web mistahtea

Medium bodied red ale with flavors of black tea and a bitter finish.

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April 2014
Hopgoes illustrationart web 0317

Hop Goes The Grapefruit is a hop forward Wheat Ale with grapefruit and sea salt. This throwdown of bright hop aromas and citrusy grapefruit delivers a clean finish with a hint of salt.

March 2014
Arabian webimage new 1216

English Style Barleywine fermented with Palm Dates and Vanilla beans and aged in Brandy Barrels for a smoother, sweeter full bodied beer with a semi-dry finish and a hint of brandy. Aromas of dried fruit and biscuits meld with woody overtones and delicate vanilla for a sipping brew that's surprisingly drinkable.

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February 2014

Caramel malts, carrots in secondary fermentation, walnuts in the mash and brown sugar in secondary fermentation.

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January 2014

A lighter bodied and colored ale brewed with maize and cocoa and fermented with Ghost chilies; made in the spirit of the ancient Maya of the Americas.

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December 2013

A Black Ale with a little hint of vanilla. Earthy Noble hops used for aroma meet the gentle kiss of vanilla in this striking interpretation on a still young hybrid style of beer.

September 2013
Chocolate banana

A dry Irish stout with a fruity banana background layered over a dry chocolaty malt backbone.

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August 2013

A tart hefeweizen infused with blood orange zest and green tea to create a citrus and spice beer with a finish of green tea, great for any summer occasion.

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