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A perfect night cap brew for those still going at closing time. This Black American Pale Ale will be malt forward and dark as their a.m. coffee. Though not a coffee beer, rather some robust hops to follow you through with a mild bitterness. This would be an average ABV % around 5% - making it marketable with any macro available.

A stout meant for the winter months with vanilla, cinammon, and nutmeg to toast the nutcracker season.

A blueberry raspberry sour will bring out the kid in all of us

Star Anise, Cardamom, Peppermint, Coriander, Clove & Cassia combine with the aromatic hop varietials and bittering hops for a sippin' beer reminiscent of the green faerie.

Camping in Wisconsin means beer, euchre, and dutch oven peach cobbler. Three simple ingredients come together to make something so simple yet so delicious, the parallels between cobbler and beer are endless. So throw some coals on that cast iron and crack a couple, two, three beers. After all you're on vacation...

Rich bed of earthly roasted malts set the scene for glorious maple and cocoa overtones with a nice.

Spiced Gin Barrel aged imperial golden ale. Juniper, Coriander and Citrus peel lend an excellent compliment to this crisp, imperial ale. "Shaken, not stirred"

Embracing the haze, we find ourselves in a prehistoric era dodging juicy hop meteorites as bitter dinos fight for survival. Hazy, juicy, citrusy - we raise a glass of this hazy IPA to honor these fallen creatures.

An all American dessert beer. Bananas, strawberries, pineapples, whip cream, cherries, and chocolate. Who doesn’t love a banana split?

Witbier brewed with cocoa, coffee and coconut.

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The taste of a Dark Belgian beer but brewed here in the USA!

Dry guinness style irish stout with plenty of oats and a touch of lactose for a creamy tribute to Wisconsins Dairy industry.

A bold Belgian Quad brewed with vanilla and cacao nibs, aged in brandy barrels.

Pineapple chilie fruit beer. Literal definition is 'pineapple spicy' auf deutsch.

Intensely minty Milk Stout with silky undertones of chocolate.

Tippin’ our caps to the numerous cranberry festivals held across the Wisconsin Northwoods, this cranberry and lemon-infused Pilsner is an essential item for your musky fishing in Boulder Junction, a sun-soaked booze cruise in Minocqua, or admiring the loons in Mercer.

A dark, sour ale that embodies the resistance to today's technology-driven, constantly connected, selfie-obsessed society. This sour utilizes black currant to emulate the dark but sweet nature of these individuals yearning for simpler times. Unplug with this sour in solitary enjoyment. #notforsharing #getyourown

Wiesse Beer fermented with black tea and lemon zest and juice for a refreshing take on the classic drink.

Blood orange, vanilla and honey Milkshake IPA

'AJCO' is a Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal Stout. All of your favorite fall flavors in one sip.

A pale ale mixed with a bit of cider for a sweet, fall taste

A dark caramel-porter with crisp apple undertones finishing with a noticeable cinnamon twist.

English Style Barleywine fermented with Palm Dates and Vanilla beans and aged in Brandy Barrels for a smoother, sweeter full bodied beer with a semi-dry finish and a hint of brandy. Aromas of dried fruit and biscuits meld with woody overtones and delicate vanilla for a sipping brew that's surprisingly drinkable.

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English style IPA with artichokes.

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