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A cream ale with a kick of habanero and jalapeño peppers enough to leave the lips burning and the tongue stinging. The discomfort will want to make you take another sip.

Smoked Rye Imperial IPA

A brown ale naturally sweetened with dates, a little nutty with roasted hazelnuts. We've got a feeling you'll stick around for a second one!

This would be a sour beer with Cherries and Limes to make a classic Cherry Limeade fizz reminiscent of those made by soda jerks of the past at the counter of a drug store.

Imperial Pilsner, strong but still easy drinking, clean, crisp but very strong alcohol presence.

A Flanders-Style Red Ale aged in French and American oak. Displaying notes of cherries, dried fruit, and kilned malts.

Key lime coconut ale

A balanced pale ale soft malt characteristics and strong hop notes with an added smooth Jasmine accent.

A beer that was foreseen by the prognosticators for its grandness, with 4 amazing ingredients that start with the letter "C" (4C, foresee) - COFFEE, CARAMEL, CHOCOLATE, & CINNAMON

Session IPA dry hopped with Cascade. Brewed with Cardamom, Orange Peel and Ginger and fermented with Blackberries.

A seriously high-gravity beer with strong herby flavors similar to Fernet Branca that hits you and keeps on swinging. Orange blossom finish.

<< This beer is barrel aged! Expect it to be released late 2022 >> Bourbon barrel aged stout with Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla beans.

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Juniper and spearmint come together to make a refreshing winter beer. You won't even need an after dinner mint before hitting the mistletoe.

A light-drinking apple sauce and lemon wedge Kölsch, pairs perfectly with pounds and pounds of fried fish, potato pancakes and listening to the Friday Fish Fry Podcast. A Wisconsin staple.

Holiday stout flavored with juniper and cranberries.

A Milkshake IPA inspired by your favorite breakfast cereal! With fruity aromas that bring you back to prehistoric times and enough hops to bring out your inner caveman!

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Fruited sour made with pineapple, mango, marshmallows and lactose sugar.

Brett conditioned rye saison with pears and coriander.

Caramel Coffee Blonde. Looks like an ale, tastes like a stout. Golden blonde ale with strong coffee flavor and a hint of caramel.

A nice, cold beer to enjoy on the links, or even during a family BBQ or pool party. A light beer meant to sip on and enjoy. A tasty, classic taste of hard iced tea and hard pink lemonade.

A bright lager with hints of the Japanese green tea called genmaicha. The tea contains roasted brown rice

--Barrel Aged Beer! ETA - Early 2018-- Competition for this elixir has been fierce throughout the ages. What better to wash away the dust and grime of a day's survival than a large quaff of dark pucker? Hints of vanilla and berries elicit memories of simpler, more civil times.

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Your tastebuds are about to get Dunkel'd with this German Chocolate Cake flavored German lager - sweet chocolate and caramel flavor with strong coconut and pecan notes. Have your cake and drink it too!

Crisp and refreshing Lager fermented with yeast collected from the historic Falk beer caves dating back to the 1800s.

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