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A beer that brings you back to 1994 where you can be laid back while sipping on gin and juice. Mosaic, Citra, Cascade and Galaxy hops provide the juice while juniper berries bring on the gin.

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---This beer is the winner of our collaboration with Girls Pint Out!--- Girl Grey IPA is an India Pale Ale with Nugget, Sterling, CTZ, El Dorado & Tea.

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A caramel, chocolate, coconut beer to remind you of your favorite cookie.

An Amber ale infused with the flavors of the season. Orange Peel and Nutmeg combine with cranberries and maple syrup for a mild tart/sweet profile balanced by a modest amount of malt.

"Go Big or Go Home” Double Chocolate Doppelbock. Super dark and chocolate forward with a high ABV. Half of the brew will be aged in rum barrels and the other half in bourbon barrels, then blended together to create a boozy, yet smooth chocolatey finish. This would be the Geallis-Maggio Cousins second collaboration together and is sure to be a crowd pleaser! - Submitted by Geallis-Maggio Cousins.

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Jalapeno golden stout A spicy yet rich golden stout beer. Although light in color, will surely delight you with its white chocolate undertones and a spicy jalapeño finish. This beer is made with vanilla beans, cacao nibs, cocoa butter, lactose and Jalepenos.

Golden stout - vanilla and toffee flavors highlighted. Can have a little bit of chocolate and coffee

Milkshake IPA with turmeric and a hint of mango, cinnamon and maple. Boozy golden milk.

Rye saison with sichuan peppercorns and blackberry. Fermented with a blend of saison yeast and brettanomyces claussenii or The Yeast Bay Saison/Brett blend. Strisselspaltt / Styrian / Huell Melon hops.

Submitted by Mike Sills Raspberry, coffee, cocoa Nibs and lactose combine for an ale which is truly reminiscent of s'mores with a raspberry topping twist.

White Russian Coffee Stout in honor of Donny, who loved bowling. Tribute to one of the best films of all time, the dude abides.

Like Charley says, "Love my good and plenty" A stout beer with hints of vanilla and anise (Like the Licorice candy) aged in Bourbon Barrels.

Classic Goze style german wheat beer. Light, crisp, low bitterness and refreshing sour character and hint of salt on the backend for an easy drinking beer! Inspired by my lonely night drinking on my couch watching Ghostbusters. "Are You Gods? Then DIEEE" .... When someone asks if your a god... You say "yessssss"! Gosiar

Gose beer with gin and tonic botanicals.

It's that time of year again! Let's hope this season doesn't leave us sour with this lemongrass gose. Go Pack Go!

Jalepeno Lemon IPA, Cascade and Sorachi Ace Hops blend with lemon and a kick of spice to put it in its place.

Sweet stout with a dry finish accentuated by the addition of cranberries for a lingering tartness that leaves you coming back for more.

A delicious Milk Stout reminiscent of Grandma's homemade German chocolate cake. This dessert beer made with cocoa powder, cacao nibs, vanilla, coconut, lactose and brown sugar is sure to be a sweet treat.

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Chocolate chip cookies just like Grandma used to make! With a splash of Brandy to put the adults to bed! (aged in Brandy Barrels)

Sharp green apple with a sweet toffee flavour

This beer is inspired by the classic supper club dessert drink brewed with mint, vanilla beans, cacao nibs, lactose, and lots of chocolate malts. Eat your veggies! Only clean plates get dessert.

Take the anise/black licorice flavor, and add a bunch of chocolate and you will be seeing the green absinthe fairy

Cream Ale brewed with both flaked maize and corn grits and a mix of smoked malts for a beer reminiscent of grilled sweetcorn. DMS is not a flaw here.

MobCraft Bat$h!t Crazy with coconut and darker roasted malts for a rich coffee coconut experience!

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