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Stout with Brown Sugar and Maple Syrup Roasted Squash aged in a bourbon barrel for rich fall beer!!

The American strawberry makes this beer the ultimate reminder of a favorite dessert for family reunions and community gatherings. This semi-sweet and light lager will take you back to the gettogethers that make up the best memories and moments in our lives.

Pumpkin/IPA blend deep hoppy flavor mixed with a light Pumpkin note. Label would have Haunted Hopspital cartoony look with creepy things in window and a jack o' lantern in front of the Hopspital

Pale ale made with kale cashew nuts. This should be bitter like most IPAs.

A summertime favorite with a twist: blue raspberry hefeweizen. The refreshing flavors of a traditional hefe with a hint of raspberry, brewed with a quirky hue of blue. Blue skies, blue water, blue beer. Cheers to warm weather!

Imperial Helles Bock with ginger. Malty on the front end with a crisp ginger finish, moderate body with a smoothness unbecoming of its alcohol content.

A golden strong ale aged in Hennessy/cognac barrels for a smooth, strong complex beer.

Traditional French Imperial Saison brewed with a blend of Hibiscus, Orange Zest and Coriander.

Bock with hickory nut, infused with locally sourced chicory root to provide coffee flavor without the effects of caffeine. Resulting in a hazelnut coffee/creamer taste without the uppers and downers.

Easy to carry to your favorite mountain top, a well balanced coffee Porter with a chocolate finish, with a hint of cardamom and basil.

Cinnamon churro stout

Matcha and green tea combine for a perfectly light and enlightened brew.

Our take on this braggot (beer/mead hybrid) style IPA will make you swoon with Hoppy and sweet Honey Goodness!

Rum Barrel aged american strong ale with Molasses, Vanilla and Pecans.

Standard honey wheat ale with 3 fresh habañeros in the fermenter

Hoppy Pale Ale with Chilies added. Expect up front hop aroma followed by a slow but noticeable build to heat and a bitter hoppy finish with just a hint of malt.

A Cinnamon Apple Hefeweizen brewed with apple and cinnamon. Lightly hopped and finished off with traditional German yeast. Served this fall by your favorite beer wench.

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A truly delightful IPA. Refreshing pineapple and spicy habanero go together like two best friends out for a night on the town.

Hop Eye Ziggy is an American Pale Ale made with Zythos hops producing a light, citrusy aroma complemented by a refreshing, tropical taste. Best enjoyed when listening to Milwaukee's own Hot By Ziggy on a warm summer night at Bradford Beach.

Hop Goes The Grapefruit is a hop forward Wheat Ale with grapefruit and sea salt. This throwdown of bright hop aromas and citrusy grapefruit delivers a clean finish with a hint of salt.

Inspired by the song - make an IPA with mosaic hops brewed with ”blue”berries and blackberries to even out the sweet and tart.

Hoppy Weiss beer with local honey

Hoppy Hoppy Pants Pants is a dank, juicy Double IPA featuring some far out hops. This well balanced double will have you hoppin in your pants! This year dry hopped with, Dr.Rudi, Jarllyo, Southern Cross, Amarillo

A fruit,juicy IPA with vanilla, coconut and pineapple. Smooth creamy flavors with a slight hop finish. It's a beach vacation in a glass.

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