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A fruit,juicy IPA with vanilla, coconut and pineapple. Smooth creamy flavors with a slight hop finish. It's a beach vacation in a glass.

Single Hopped Triple IPA featuring Simcoe Hops.

American style Amber Ale with roasted Chile peppers mixed with the perfect balance and blend of hops.

A hot chocolate inspired double chocolate imperial stout with hint of Marshmallows

Imperial Stout brewed with oats for a creaminess and cacao nibs and vanilla beans in secondary for a strong beer with a strong cocoa presence and just a hint of Vanilla.

Chocolate Jalapeno Porter, the smokiness from the roasted malt plus the taste of spicy chocolate meld with creamy mouthfeel of flaked oats to form a spicy cocoa infused beer.

Warm up this season with this strong ale. Hot Toddy Strong Ale has a crisp copper color and features the oh so memorable lemon and cinnamon flavors perfectly tied together with honey. Aging in whiskey barrels makes this beer an instant classic for any fall or winter night!

Chili coconut imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels. An imperial stout that delivers on the heat. I want to feel the heat.

American brown ale with lactose. What two items are more Wisconsin than beer and dairy?! Malty brown ale with added smoothness from the lactose, this beer is great during any of Wisconsin’s four seasons! You will be moooved by this brew.

Nut Brown Ale brewed with Cacao Nibs and oats for a smooth and drinkable chocolate ale.

huckleberry wheat lager

Huckleberry richness that grabs your taste buds with a slight hint of cinnamon that rolls behind to soothe the mind.

Cocoa Nib, banana, walnut milk stout. The label has a really good looking cartoon monkey with really great hair.

This refreshing Double India Pale Ale hits another dimension with a combo of Galaxy, Wakatu, Citra, Pacifica, Amarillo, and Centennial hops. It'll surely take you out of this world!

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Sour Wheat Beer with strong apricot notes

IPA with hints of Honey. Long live the bees!

Dark Malty Baltic Porter with Anise and Pepper added for a subtle spicy complexity layered with notes of cocoa and dark roasted coffee.

A Citra hopped Pale Ale with Guava, Pineapple and Strawberry

Imperial Milkshake IPA. Brewed with vanilla bean and Mango Puree. Sweetened with lactose, this beer will have you dancing Bhangra in no time!

Around 15% rye. Mainly Mosaic hops. Roughly 85 IBUs. Beautiful red color. Around 8.0% ABV.

A cross between Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and El Segundo Steve Austin Broken Skull IPA with a little drop of an American light beer. A strong thick first sip but a light smooth after taste. This beer is big and bold but finishes like a light beer. This beer screams freedom.

Amarillo, Chinook, Citra, and Centennial hops

Double IPA with strong hop and plenty of peanut butter taste. A hoppy, sticky explosion of wonderful.

Dry Irish Stout aged in Irish Whisky Barrels for at least 6 months with coffee added.

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