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Dry Irish Stout aged in Irish Whisky Barrels for at least 6 months with coffee added.

Everyone loves, ice cream, everyone loves shakes....well lets do the timewarp to the old school shakes/malts....malt powder, Madagascar vanilla, vanilla beans, vanilla wafer,malt powder more vanilla beans, vanilla extract oh hell let it be a vanilla bomb malt

“Dad is great, he gave us chocolate cake!” Pouring a glass of this is easier & quicker than baking a cake yourself. Perfectly brewed with dark chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and guajillo peppers.

This beer is filled with gluten hoppiness, sure to make your face smile even after the 2016 election. The unique blend of columbia coffee mixed with jalapenos is a guarantee to wake up your tastebuds!

Ale with a hint of lime and a jalapeño zing - enough spice to make you sweat a little.

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Quite the sneaky little beer. You're trying to enjoy casual conversation with friends over a couple of brewskies when: BAM! This full-bodied IPA smacks you in the mouth with a spicy, yet slightly addicting punch that'll leave you wanting more.

Smoked IPA with chiles added! A subtle yet present smokiness compliments the low level but noticable spiciness imparted by the chiles which then gives way (for the most part) to a nice hoppy finish!

This is a light ale or lager aged in Jamaican Rum barrels (preferably Appleton), then steeped in Jamaican coffee beans, maybe additional Jamaican spice (allspice, clove)

Strawberry Rhubarb Sour... sweetness to play homage to the classic summer jam.

Dark robust caramel malts, a cereal killer masked with vengeance. Guaranteed to review a slasher film with a white pine chainsaw edge.

Jasmine Tea IPA with rice.

Juniper and pepper flavored IPA

An irie IPA loaded with the flavors of Jamaica, mon! Allspice, scotch bonnet peppers, ginger and with citrusy hop aromas to leave you feeling as mellow as Marley

Refreshing fall drink with a splash of summer! The taste of fresh juicy peaches, brown sugar, cinnamon and a hint of vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel.

A German lager with a little citrus and lemon to enjoy during warmer months.

Hefeweizen beer brewed in the traditional sense.

Bourbon or Brandy barrel aged Barleywine with pecans and cocoa nibs added so it’s like a KY Derby Pie

Tart, creamy, refreshing summer beach beer. "The more your drink the better you can hear the ocean waves!"

A Keylime Pie Milkshake IPA brewer with limes, lactose and gobs and gobs of graham crackers with a touch of honey and cinnamon.

Macadamia nut stout with Kona blend coffee

High volume double IPA, Citrus beer, with cherry.

Belgian style Witbier loaded up with a full flavor of coconut and a dry finish from the Hop Bitterness.

This recipe was posted in 2007 on homebrewtalk by "Dude" (that is his HBT username) and I just brewed it. It is a wonderfully balanced American Pale Ale with a light and toasty malt profile balanced with a bitter-y, pineapple-y, finish. This is the best beer I've ever made.

A traditional Flemish style sour red ale aged in oak and refermented on red wine grapes. Inspired by the last place rider of the Tour de France, this beer may take a while, but is a prize worth waiting for.

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