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A Milk Stout brewed with brown sugar, cacao nibs, salt and vanilla to create the flavor of a salted caramel chocolate malt.

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A juicy Double IPA featuring mango and a tropical hop aroma of Citra and Mosaic. Swarms of hoppy bitterness perfectly balance with sweet mango and a malty backbone.

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A Session IPA hopped with ONLY Citra hops, and then just a touch of Mango juice added in secondary for a beer bursting with citrus and mango.

American Style Wheat Beer fermented with Habanero Chiles and Mangos with Cascade, Sorachi Ace and Galaxy dry hops for a spicy, citrusy finish.

Mango Malasada inspired IPA.

Cream Ale brewed with Mango! Low malt and hop profile while present, allow the mango to shine without being too sweet!

A refreshing twist on the classic mojito. A saison with flavors of lime, mint, and brown sugar, but with a surprising splash of tangy mango. Take your tastebuds on a tropical vacation with this fruity summer ale!

A fruity IPA dripping with passion - Mango and Strawberry tango in a close embrace across the palate as fruity hops glide by for a dramatic finish.

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Brown Ale brewed with Maple Syrup and Juniper berries and aged on charred maple chips in secondary.

Smooth and creamy malty milk stout with lactose, oats and finished with Maple syrup for a slight sweetness, low IBU and just a hint of roast.

yummy rich dark creamy, my son let me taste one bottle that he brewed. It was awesome but he says its hard to judge the sugar content of different maple syrups so it was a little over carbonated. I don't have a recipe.

A tribute to the Maricao region of puerto rico which has a long agricultural history, this American IPA with citrusy hops is made with fruits that grow in Puerto Rico.

Light beer infused with matcha green tea!

"An "ade" in any craft beer maven's daily tasks. Refreshing, crisp, with a little funky backbone to help you power through work, a workout, fighting crime or even a hardcore beach sesh. Pilsner malt base, with a light addition of vienna, carawheat, and acidulated malt. Sorachi ace first wort hops, with late boil additions of cascade and galena. Red currants added in five minutes at the end of the boil, and heavily added post fermentation. Ferment with wyeast 3711 at warm temperatures."

A lighter bodied and colored ale brewed with maize and cocoa and fermented with Ghost chilies; made in the spirit of the ancient Maya of the Americas.

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California common steam beer with brettanomyces/lactobacillus for a funky easy going beer with hints of cheese and mild astringency (think blue cheese)

A fierce IPA that resembles the feeling of sinking an ace at Wakanda Park or walking across Wolske bay!

Inspired by the Milwaukee Irish Dance Company to give you the confidence to get up and dance on St. Patrick’s day! Extra hoppy.

Rich dark chocolate porter brewed with coconut. Creamy, nutty, and just slightly bitter.

Your adventure begins as the elusive Nitrous Dragons of Cream City pave your way on a glorious, blackberried journey into the Oatmeal Forest. Coffee Sprites lure you down the Chocolate River, and place thy palate into a dream.

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Inspired by my favorite flavor of ice cream, and the Midwestern classic, Blue Moon, it’s a pistachio, almond, vanilla flavored porter.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING! On behalf of the flight crew, let me welcome you. This sweet creamy stout has robust flavors of peanut butter, chocolate, and marshmallow added to your on-board experience making this stout HEAVENLY!

A dry stout made with lactose and clover honey. The sweetness of the lactose should compliment the bitterness of the stout perfectly.

Smoked Porter with cacao nibs, lactose and Cherrywood Smoked Malt. Big, Rich, Malty, and of course, Meaty (NOT literally)

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