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Saison infused with lime and orange habanero

Bacon, Maple Syrup, Wheat Malt

Baklava-inspired Imperial White Ale brewed with Semolina, Honey, Pistachios & Rose Petals. This white ale features a floral, aromatic and slightly nutty nose, straw colored and slightly hazy due to the wheat used in this beer. Flavor: Pisatachio and wheat on the front end provide a rich backdrop for the Rose Petals with a background sweetness from Honey.

Dry Irish stout that has a cutting ginger spiciness complimented with spicy/earthy American Hop varieties.

Imperial Cream Ale brewed with cranberries, orange zest and tart cherries.

The Ball & Chain Imperial IPA is a well balanced beer with extra citrus added to enhance the citrus notes without adding bitterness. This beer is a lot higher in alcohol than it tastes.

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Bourbon barrel aged Baltic/Imperial Porter with undertones of blueberry. It's a highly-robust Porter that has a rich, malty character. The bourbon and blueberry flavors round out this beer nicely.

Sweet Stout with biscuit and flaked oats, cacao nibs, strawberries and bananas for a fruity, nutty, creamy, stout sure to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Milk Stout infused with bananas and Molasses for a full bodied beer of Bananas with a sweet finish.

Imperial Stout with cocao nibs and mint added and aged in bourbon barrels for a medium bodied stout with a moderate amount of cacao and just enough mint to maintain a balance.

Bat$h!t Crazy is a Coffee Brown Ale. Balanced milk sugar sweetness gives way to robust coffee flavors, sure to drive you Bat$h!t Crazy!

Dark chocolate stout with hints of mocha aged in cabernet barrels

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The delicate taste of roses meets the dryness of the Brut IPA. A back and forth fight between powerful hops, roses and a bit of fruitiness to offset the bitter will have you wanting to leave your castle for more.

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Roasted malts, cocoa nibs and raspberry combine for a truly rich but exceptionally drinkable porter.

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Sweet stout brewed with biscuit malts, infused with coffee, lactose and vanilla beans. Dessert in a glass!

Beer Hoppy is a Session IPA with Simcoe, Centennial, and Amarillo hops that will have you wailin' for clear waters and sunny skies as the sweet melodies of reggae grace your ears.

This belgian style dubbel is brewed with blueberries, biscuit malts and maple syrup for a tasty spin on a timeless classic.

A classic Berliner Weisse style beer that is crisp and refreshing for the summer months, with watermelon puree. Fast soured so it can be ready for summer.

Milkshake Blueberry double IPA Unfiltered, hazy and juicy!

Blended sour ale refermented with oodles of blackberries and raspberries that will leave you feeling berry nice!

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Classic braggot (mead/beer hybrid), fit for a viking king, but the addition of juniper berries really make it a brew worthy of Valhalla.

Lingonberry (just like the pancakes) sour barrel aged beer.

Imperial Porter brewed with cocoa nibs, candied sugar, vanilla flavor, coffee and cinnamon sticks

A blackberry infused ale, with a hint of wasabi and mango.

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