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A robust stout with solid hop presence that smoothly maneuvers between a black IPA and a stout. Delicious and hearty--enjoy one or two as you watch the cars go by in our taproom.

A beer to drink after a great run. A light and crisp lager infused with lemons

Imperial Black IPA made with Rye to add spice to the citrus hops. Add a little cayenne for a slight kick at the end. Age in Scotch barrels. During aging, find a good hiding spot to keep away from your friends!!

German Stein bier brewed with rye and 6 row malts. Peppery undertones punctuate the malty goodness of this classic German Lager style.

Beer/Sake Hybrid. Base beer is a stronger version of a rice adjunct lager recipe, fermented with traditional Kome Koji culture in secondary fermentation for integral sake flavor.

The perfect way to end a summer night by the ocean. This sour beer emulates flavors of fresh sea salt with hints of coconut.

A malty, biscuity amber ale with a touch of sea salt and cacao nibs for depth and an underlying sweetness.

Wee Heavy Scotch Ale that packs a punch. Hint of smoke and malt combine for a classic style. Sans Peur (Without Fear) is a Sutherland motto and fitting a stronger beer!

An Imperial Stout brewed with chocolate and ghost chili peppers for a spicy, chocolaty taste.

Sour Blueberry Stout. Flavor profile leaning towards chocolate, not coffee. Roeselare Ale Yeast. Racked over blueberry juice. Nothing that needs long souring like a lambic, just enough to make it tart.

This Belgian dubbel, brewed with rye wheat is reminiscent of a New Orleans sazerac cocktail with an old fashioned twist.

Kolsch brewed with the Schisandra Berry otherwise known as omija in the Korean Dialect.

Chia seeds in the mash lend a subtle and complex flavor to this easy going lighter style Scottish Style Ale.

An Imperial hefeweizen fermented with orange juice, orange zest and grains of paradise. 9% ABV

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An IPA perfect for the summer months! Refreshing light beer with a hint of watermelon.

Imperial Cream Ale brewed with agave syrup and aged in tequila barrels

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The tart taste of plump blackberries peppered with, well, peppers. The spice of serrano peppers makes for a flavorful combo with delicious blackberries!

Chocolate Malt in a glass! Strong Cream Stout made with Lactose, Vanilla and cocoa beans and a healthy dosage of malty flavors take you back to the soda fountains!

A dark chocolate stout with subtle undertones of vanilla and mint shining through the background of roasted and specialty malts.

A Cherry Blood Wheat Ale - Bold cherry aroma swarming in a hop frenzy wheat ale with hint bites of hazelnut

A nice medium lager with fresh grapefruit juice added after brewing, creating a light refreshing summer brew.

Strong notes of roasted barley and coffee hit the nose followed by a slightly sweet caramel body and rich mouth feel that ends with the savory addition of sea salt to round out the well balanced Shoutout Stout.This beer is dedicated to all of the awesome members, sponsors, and supporters that have defined the largest coworking community in Wisconsin. For more information about 100state, visit our website: Thank you!

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Black Tea infused Amber Ale

A dark but light drinking vanilla porter with hints of maple syrup. Perfect for lunch at the ski lodge! Filling and seasonal but not too heavy to slow you down for the afternoon runs. Aged beer for best flavor saturation.

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