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A simple single malt, single hop beer with a hint of basil and honey. Yeah baby yeah! Dedicated to Basil Exposition.

A strongly smoked brew, hoppy up-front front with a little chipotle kick in the rear. Ein scharfes Rauchbier.

Wisconsin Rauchbier paying homage to our German heritage. Brewed with wheat, rye and smoked malts and Hallertau Hops.

Scotch Ale brewed with brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and aged in Rum Barrels. Fermented at slightly warmer temps for an aromatic brew excellent for the depths of winter!

Biscuit, honey and roasted malts combine with Cocao Powder for a beer that is truly reminiscent of sitting around a campfire, enjoy with marshmallows!

A deep and rich Vanilla and spicy chili cinnamon stout. Smooth going down that leaves your mouth with a sweet taste long after the beer is gone. An undertone of real cinnamon and chilies for the perfect kick that will keep you warm in the cold. Ideal for the fall/winter season. Leave one of these out for Santa instead of cookies this year.

A beastly high ABV Barley Wine/Sahti hybrid with a solid toasty malt base, hints of rye and oatmeal, traditional juniper berries, and plenty of dank hops. A great warming beer for Wisconsin winters.

Milk Chocolate Stout with a healthy dosing of cacao nibs for a rich sweet stout perfect for staying indoors!

This Tap Takeover Podcast Collaboration with MobCraft Beer allows everyone behind the brew to shine, from the collaborators, to the fans. An Imperial Stout featuring Milwaukee sourced ingredients - specialty, chocolate malt from Proximity Malt, a custom coffee blend from Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. and maple syrup from Kallas Honey Farm. This is Solid Non Fail Stout for solid, non fail fans

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--Good things take time! This is a barrel aged beer. We are hoping to release it Mid 2020-- Sweet then sour, then barrel aged! Belgian Pale ale with sour Patch kids added then barrel aged!

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Tart sour blond ale with blood orange

A light Sour Ale refermented with 800 pounds of cherries. Bright, tart character teases your palate while juicy cherries tickle your tongue.

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The perfect addition to your cellar - try some of MobCraft's favorite beers from our Wild & Sour Program. Select "Order Now" to purchase yours or for details visit - 6 Pack Promo Code: sour6 12 Pack Promo Code: sour12

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Barrel aged sour blended with crushed grapes.

Wild & Sour Program - Sour Ale with raspberries and ginger to electrify your tastebuds. Balanced tart character gives way to raspberry with a hint of ginger spice.

Papaya, Kiwi fermented & aged in rum barrels

Peach infused Amber Ale aged in bourbon barrels! To finish it off, dry hopped to remind you where the best fermentation takes place (the South).

Aged with coffee beans and cacao nibs to create the classic stout roasted character and offers authentic stout flavor enhanced by hints of white chocolate. Offering an inviting amber color.

Crisp and refreshing lager with a punch of jalapeño and the sweet undertones of pineapple and mango.

Strawberry and Rhubarb Sour style Farmhouse ale aged in Riesling barrels for a dry, fruity and effervescent brew with some wine character and notes from barrel aging!

There's nothing as refreshing as a crisp Pilsner but what could make it even more refreshing? Maybe that deep breath of mountain air but, how do we harness it? Spruce Tips! Spruce Tips add an amazing aroma and piney/resinous notes on the tongue. Traditional Hallertau hops give this "mountain" pils floral and spicy notes making it even crisper and enjoyable as on the palate. (For the label I thought something like hops growing on a spruce branch could be neat! Or visa versa as then it'd be "sprucing it up")

Imperial IPA with Strawberry and Lemon - When life gives us lemons we make beer! Strawberry lemonade inspired beer that is. Perfect after enjoying a warm summers day. Hoppy, citrusy, strawberry…y. Squeeze the Day!

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A beer that brings you back to your childhood but with a kick....Instead of traditional PB&J this is Peanut butter & Raspberry jelly...And the kick is it's beer! But taste like a delicious PB&J sammich!

A lemon and honey beer that is as fresh and cool as a summer afternoon, and as strong as the heat of the sun!

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