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Renamed! Was Tropical Summer, NOW Staycation - A New England Style IPA brewed with Cascade hops, organic toasted coconut, then dry-hopped with copious amounts of Denali hops and more toasted coconut!

Gose with pomelo aged in rum barrels

Porter made with Blueberries, Coffee, Cocoa Nibs aged in Bourbon Barrels.

A delightful drinkable peach and raspberry sour, perfect for drinking during weekly knitting circles to help hone in the stitch and lubricate the snitch.

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Beet puree added in Secondary to an Eisenbock Beer. Strong like the motherland. Don your Adidas track suit for this brew.

A beverage you'll throw back until it seems as if you're wearing pale barley scented Cologne. Stunners all around if you didn't see what we did there. Prost!

A tribute beer to Spring. A chocolate/strawberry beer made with strawberry puree & cocoa nibs aged in brandy barrels!

Crisp light lager with strawberries

American Style Wheat Beer fermented with Strawberries and Jalepenos for a sweet and spicy (but not too spicy) combo that is sure to leave tingles on the tongue.

A light refreshing beer with a hint of strawberries and solid body from the wheat with a subtle tartness from lactic acid.

This IPA will marry the playful sweetness of honey with the bold tartness of blackberries. Inspired by Webster Lake, New Hampshire, the Sucker Brook IPA looks to create the atmosphere of a lazy day on the lake. Combining blackberries and honey manifests in a contrasting yet subtly pleasing taste pallete.

Suit Up! IPL is the brew for getting things done. Fermented like a lager, hopped like an ale and finished with Apricot undertones – this beer has followed an unconventional path, featuring unique traits like those required of today’s business leaders. So, Suit up!, be successful during the day and enjoy this Apricot IPL at Happy Hour.

Basil, Strawberry, and Lime combine for a refreshing summer red ale with a nose full of fruit, zest and floral aromatics accentutated by light dry hopping.

Crisp, smooth, refreshing light summer beer for the patio. Perfect for summer nights gathered around the bonfire.

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Sour Kolsch style beer aged on Blueberries, Basil and Lemon Juice and Zest for a refreshing, bright summer beer.

Sea salt caramel vanilla porter

imperial Smoked Porter with Spices added for a beer reminiscent of traditional BBQ. The spices arrive on the subtler side and support a base of full bodied roasty porter and counteract the sweetness brought on by the Brown Sugar with moderate bitterness to balance out the 'whole hog' as it were.

A combo of delicious sweet cream and bold coffee.

Honey brown ale brewed with sweet potato, honey, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and nutmeg

This warm butterscotch brown ale reminds you of fresh baked treats or the candy dish at grandma's house.

A session IPA brewed with coconut. Perfect for a summer's day

Smooth, sweet beer brewed with maple syrup, oats and smoked malts.

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Tart cherry and lime in an unfiltered American-style wheat ale.

A bittersweet honey-green apple ale. Bitter hops balanced with honey and fresh green apples for a rich and complex brew worthy of the springtime season.

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