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Classic braggot (mead/beer hybrid), fit for a viking king, but the addition of juniper berries really make it a brew worthy of Valhalla.

Lingonberry (just like the pancakes) sour barrel aged beer.

Imperial Porter brewed with cocoa nibs, candied sugar, vanilla flavor, coffee and cinnamon sticks

Ale brewed with black rice and wild rice

A blackberry infused ale, with a hint of wasabi and mango.

Sweet Blackberry with a classic ale undertones.

Blackberries and Berliner Wiesse come together in this lightly soured wheat ale with Blackberries added!

A blackberry wheat ale brewed with Wisconsin honey. Hint of blackberry with a crisp clean finish. Bring on the bees. Very sessionable with an ABV of about 4.5%.

Blackberry, lemongrass and cinnamon brewed in a traditional saison.

Sour ale aged in bourbon barrels at least 6 months with black cherries, blackberries, and apricots.

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A Brown Ale brewed with red wheat and raspberries for a full body and the fruity zing of raspberry.

A tart hefeweizen infused with blood orange zest and green tea to create a citrus and spice beer with a finish of green tea, great for any summer occasion.

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Marzen brewed with Garlic, Tomato juice and a hint of salt & vinegar for a "hair of the dog that bit you" kind of beer.

Full Bodied Saison with fruity, citrus and spice from the addition of Grains of Paradise, Blood Orange, Coriander and Peppercorns

A blueberry lemonade ale perfect for summer lemonade and beer lovers alike

Berliner wiess fermented with Blueberries, for a tart, semi sweet beer with a fair amount of blueberry aroma and flavor, with a dry finish.

Pale ale with blueberries for a slightly sweet, fruity, and mildly tart pale ale that melds well with aroma of Columbus dry hops.

Light it up with Bonfire Summer Stout - Aged to perfection in whiskey barrels brewed for a delectable hint of S’mores. Adventure on!

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Stout feremnted with Bananas and Hefewiess yeast for a heavy stout loaded with fine banana flavour.

Heartbreak calls for a night with friends, some Bon Iver tunes, and an Uber home. This beer is at home in flannels in a cabin up north as it is in a city bar. It's hearty red color and grippy pine aroma will remind you that even when your heart breaks, in Wisconsin, you're among friends.

Perfect for days out on the water, a highly drinkable Saison-style ale brewed with mango and pineapple.

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Bourbon Barrel, Cherries, Bitters make up this refreshing ale.

A play on a Brazilian favorite, this oatmeal milk stout is infused with the super-food, açaí berries, and bananas. Coupled with oats and lactose to compliment the acidity, this brew packs a distinguished flavor and smooth mouthfeel.

Unfiltered wheat beer brewed with blueberries and toasted malts for a brew that fills your mouth with rich hefeweizen flavors, blueberry fruitiness, and malt for some biscuity goodness.

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