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A chocolate stout with cocoa nibs and pumpkin.


Chocolate and banana are flavors that go extremely well together. Why not make it into a smooth chocolate banana porter.

Chocolate Coconut Nitro Stout! Oats and dark roasted malts combine with the power of Nitro for this creamy delicious beer with Coconut and Chocolate!

Rich, chocolate forward Baltic Porter aged in Rum Barrels with fresh shredded coconut.

Vanilla Porter with hints of roasty and malty goodness layered in with a healthy dose of Coconut Aroma and flavor.

Centennial / Cascade citrus forward IPA dry hopped with light roast coffee beans and more hops.

A Golden Ale with Habaneros and Black Pepper for a light easy going afterburn in the chest.

Maple, Chocolate, Chilies and smoked malts combine for a slightly sweet, savory and spicy ride!

Imperial Brown Ale brewed with Colombian Coffee and Colombian Chocolate. It's an offer you can't refuse.

A brown ale made with bourbon barrel maple syrup, pecans, and brown sugar. This full rich beer will leave you feeling comfy all day

Bourbon barrel-aged Scotch ale

Made with cocoa and Door County cherries, we cordially invite you to join us in this tart and sweet flavor experience! Kick back, relax, and enjoy this holiday tradition in liquid form.

This Cherry Cordial Porter has just the right kiss of chocolate and cherry to put you in the mood- for another beer, that is.

It's Halloween Time! Pumpkin Stout Sour. Lots of pumpkin, light on the spice aged in barrels. Brew-masters pick the barrel type. To my nephew Jack. 2019 RELEASE DATE

A coffee stout high on coffee flavor, with a Russian influence, and a suspicious amount of bitterness

Warning: This beer is so Wisconsin it might cause you to get out your seats and jump around. It's made with fresh Cranberries from "up north", and is best enjoyed under the bright shining light of the moon. Oh Cranberry CENSORED, praise to thee we sing.

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Belgian Strong Ale brewed with cranberries, oranges, and cinnamon. Aged in a bourbon barrel.

Sour Beer with Cranberry and Cherry notes. Still sweeter than family holiday reunions.

The unique flavor of roasted black walnuts combines with the balancing sweetness of lactose for a Stout of exceptional character and body.

Traditional (but bold) Cream Ale brewed with flaked oats and Fuggle and Centennial Hops.

Stout brewed with Carmelized sugar, vanilla beans and Coffee. This beer is for those with a sweet tooth, the burnt sugar melds with the roasted flavors of the malt with undertones of vanilla and of course coffee aroma and flavor stand front and center in this sweet dark stout with low IBUs.

Crimson Commander pours a foxy caramel hue and features a citrus and pine hop aroma followed by a clean bright pallet with a bitter and increasingly viscous mouthfeel. Its boozy character hides under malty hop forward tones making this beer a smooth 8.5%.

An otherwise unassuming milk stout packed with bitter chocolate notes, and popping with bright tart cherry flavor!

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