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A mixture of dragon fruit, coconut, and habenareo

Cream Ale brewed with vanilla and oranges.

Lucious porter with notes of coffee, decadent white chocolate, and bright lavender to bring a delicate floral twist to a classic mocha

A orange creamsicle inspired ale made with fresh oranges and lactose

Hefeweis with orange and cherry sweet fruit aged with Coconut.

A sweet, earthy porter made with fresh beetroot and cocoa. Smoked malts help make it a bold brew worthy of the name "Beetdown".

The perfect prescription for the soulless and thirsty. A crisp red ale with honey and a distinctive flavor of fresh ginger and citrus hop aromas that finishes at about 6.5% ABV. Just what the doctor ordered!

Wheatwine with dried orange peel, fresh orange zest and raw wheat.

Fermented with Hefewiezen yeast, with coriander and lemon zest added, this witbier is fermented dry with extra dry hop for a refreshing summer wheat beer.

White Russian Stout with white chocolate, lactose, cacao nibs vanilla & coffee.

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A full, dark dunkel with relatively sweet caramel flavor with a sweet/smooth non hoppy non heavy finish. (Label: John candy drinking a beer)

Belgian Style Triple Ale made with only three grains: Oats, Barley and Wheat. Trappist yeast used to give it fruity and spicy notes. This drink contains a high alcohol volume of 8.5%, and undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle for carbonation! (That's why it's called Dyango Unbrewed.

A nutty lager with a crisp breezy finish and hint of earthy and fiery tones from mulling spices.

Chocolate & Vanilla Porter

Milk Stout brewed with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves lactose, flaked oats and vanilla beans for a silky smooth, rich sweet stout. In memory of Aaron Maier (1985-2014), who truly lived life to the fullest with no regrets and will be forever remembered by his family and friends. “The value of a man’s life is measured by the number of people whose lives he has affected positively.”

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--Good things take time! This is a barrel aged beer. We are hoping to release it in Mid 2020--Eissturm - German for “ice storm” this Eisbock, aged in a blend of oak and bourbon barrels, is the perfect blend of malty notes and hints of bourbon barrel character. Though never frozen, this Bock is sure to warm your insides.

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Chipolte Peppers with Mango ale. Smokey, sweet with the slightest hint of heat. Low ABV for easy drinking during the heat of summer.

Chili Lime lager with a hint of fresh corn.

Classic Flanders style Oud Bruin aged in oak barrels for 4-6 months and finished on Raspberries. Tart raspberry on the nose with oak undertones. Malt flavor is slowly replaced with bright acidity, raspberries and mild oak tannin finish. Created in a sort of obsolete vernacular, this sour is as wild as driving your car into the side of a house. A unique beer to make all of the Tenenbaums proud.

Lavender infused lager

Red ale with skyrocket hops, notes of biscuit, raisin and rhubarb

A Belgian-Style Sour Ale aged in American and French oak with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus.

Mimosa-style farmhouse ale with a grapefruit twist! Support the Madison Public Library Foundation's annual fall fundraiser -- Ex Libris -- with your vote for this beer.

Wheat Farmhouse Ale fermented with german wheat and saison strains of yeast with Orange Peel and Coriander in the boil.

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