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Rich Porter with a little cocoa throughout the mouthful with a strong vanilla wafer finish.

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A double IPA that is continuously hopped throughout the boil with only Citra hops and then is dry hopped for 7 days with more Citra hops. Expect a lot of citrus and floral notes on the nose of this beer!

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A morado maize (purple corn) beer of the Andes mountain range. A delightfully sour mash with Cacao shells will bless your harvest. Conquistadors beware!

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A bold wheat IPA with a healthy dosing of Hops and Wisconsin Juniper for a robust but refreshing White IPA.

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Past Winners

March 2015
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Witbier brewed with cocoa, coffee and coconut.

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February 2015
15 012 mobcraft web orangeyouglad r1

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange, who? Really, you don't know how this one ends up? We're not going to make you suffer through a Banana joke. This time, we put Blood Orange Juice and Zest into a German Style Hefeweizen. Don't be afraid of the slight tartness derived from the Lactic Acid!

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January 2015
15 011 mobcraft web eggnogstic r1

Milk Stout brewed with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves lactose, flaked oats and vanilla beans for a silky smooth, rich sweet stout. In memory of Aaron Maier (1985-2014), who truly lived life to the fullest with no regrets and will be forever remembered by his family and friends. “The value of a man’s life is measured by the number of people whose lives he has affected positively.” http://theajmmemorialfund.blogspot.com/

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