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Crowdsourced votes take place several times throughout the year. Place a vote using the form below. At the end of the voting period, the beer with the most votes will be brewed! Please don’t abuse the vote. All duplicate votes will be removed.

When a beer wins the voting round it will go up for pre-order on our website. You can check out winning recipes and place pre-orders for pick-up at our taprooms.

Current Pre-orders

  • Anochecer

    A Mexican Hot Chocolate Inspired Stout complete with a light dash of spice and cinnamon. The perfect transition to colder nights! When an Abuela’s hot chocolate won’t suffice, this Stout with a kick of spice certainly will.

    Submitted by: Lupe Davalos

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  • Matcha Ado About Nothing

    This bright and refreshing IPA is a perfect fusion of vibrant matcha and zesty pineapple that transports you to a tropical, sunny paradise! The grassy and earthy matcha mingle with the sweet pineapple to create this perfectly balanced IPA!

    Submitted by: Hannah Trout

  • Barrel Berry

    Heads Up! I’m barrel aged. Estimated Release – Early 2024 – A Belgian-style mixed culture beer aged in bourbon barrels with blueberries.

    Submitted by: Steve Hanson

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Current Vote

    The Bitter Beaver

    Double IPA infused with elderberry and native hops.

    The Land Conservancy of McHenry County works to preserve over 3200 acres in McHenry County (IL). Inspired by an elderberry bush growing in the on top of a beaver dam in Apple Creek. The inclusion of the native hops is a nod to our conservation efforts all over the county which have made significant contributions to the local ecosystems and provided habitat for both flora and fauna. Learn more at

    Submitted by: The Land Conservancy of McHenry County
    Captain Planet is my Hype Man

    Crisp and smooth IPA, with pops of citrus and freshness.

    Reflo works to catalyze sustainable water use, green infrastructure, and equitable water resource management that are grounded in strong partner relationships. Just like Captain Planet’s crew, we are a diverse bunch who, with our powers combined, do our best to make Milwaukee the bluest of blue and greenest of green cities. Learn more at

    Submitted by: Reflo
    Bark (Mai)Bock

    A cozy dark beer to get us through the winter months and welcome spring. A little sweet, a little strong… wait, is this our favorite beer or our favorite dog?

    Fetch WI Rescue is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of unwanted, neglected, and abused dogs throughout Wisconsin. Learn more at

    Submitted by: Fetch Wisconsin Rescue
    Holiday From Real

    Malty ESB with citrus notes from orange peel and Amaro liqueur. Named for a lyric from a song by indie artist and nonprofit founder Andrew McMahon.

    The AYA Cancer Community is one of the least recognized and most underfunded. AYA patients (diagnosed between 17-39) are supposed to be dating, going to college, starting a career and family and instead end up in a battle for their lives The Dear Jack Foundation provides services in the form of wish granting, mental health resources, couples’ retreats and more. Learn more at

    Submitted by: Dear Jack Foundation
    Sweeping Stones Saison

    Cherry Mint Saison packed with tart cherries and infused mint. Like drinking a sparkling cherry mint julep on a sunny day!

    Support the Wauwatosa Curling Club – one of the few sport where you are encouraged to drink beer while playing! We all curl (and drink) recreationally, but also bring curling to the community thru learn to curl events for everyone, including adaptive clinics for the visually impaired and wheelchair curlers, as well as hosting curling for the VA hospital. Learn more at

    Submitted by: Wauwatosa Curling Club
    Beers for Belize

    A guava lemonade ale. Fruit forward with a smooth light refreshing finish.

    Pat Gives Back is named after the Milwaukee County Zoo’s jaguar, Pat the Great Cat! The organization focuses on conservation and research, capacity building for zookeepers, and community support for Jaguar populations with strong ties to the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. Learn more at

    Submitted by: Pat Gives Back
    Beer for My Horses

    Strawberry Hefeweizen – a beer that pays homage to the favorite treats of the healing horses at BraveHearts. This beer gives people a fun way to have a ‘horses diet’ in a glass.

    BraveHearts brings hope, joy and unlimited possibilities through the healing power of the horse. Connecting horses with people as a catalyst for wellness. Learn more at

    Submitted by: BraveHearts Therapeutic Riding Camp
    Life is a Sweet and Sour Journey

    Tamarind Gose showcasing the tamarind fruit, an ingredient that plays a vital part in cultures from the African, Asian, Indigenous, and Latin diaspora.

    Lifting Lucy focuses on empowering underrepresented communities within the brewing industry, particularly Black, Indigenous, and other Women of Color. Lean more at

    Submitted by: The Ladies of Lifting Lucy


Have a dream beer you have been longing for? Submit your idea and we will figure out how to brew it. It can be as simple as “I want a Stout that tastes like an Almond Joy” to a full homebrew recipe. Generate pre-votes for your idea and it will be entered in a vote. The more pre-votes you get the better your chances are of making it into a vote.



The winning beer is brewed at the end of the following month. The beer is typically ready for release within 4-6wks of being brewed (unless it is barrel aged of course). While the beer is brewing you can place a pre-order on our website. When the beer is finished, you’ll receive an email to pick up your order and enjoy!