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Crowdsourced votes take place several times throughout the year. Place a vote using the form below. At the end of the voting period, the beer with the most votes will be brewed! Please don’t abuse the vote. All duplicate votes will be removed.

When a beer wins the voting round it will go up for pre-order on our website. You can check out winning recipes and place pre-orders for pick-up at our taprooms.

Current Pre-orders

  • Berry Me Six Feet Deep

    Ale brewed with fresh blueberry and mint leaves. Fruit-forward with a cool fresh finish that will surely have you coming back to life!

    Submitted by: Allison Caudill

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  • Barrel Berry

    Heads Up! I’m barrel aged. Estimated Release – Early 2024 – A Belgian-style mixed culture beer aged in bourbon barrels with blueberries.

    Submitted by: Steve Hanson

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Current Vote

    Hoppy Sunrise IPA

    Hoppy Sunrise IPA is a refreshing and vibrant brew inspired by the classic Beermosa. Bursting with bright citrus flavors, this IPA combines juicy orange notes with a bold hop character for a truly invigorating experience. With a crisp, clean finish and a tantalizing hint of bitterness, Hoppy Sunrise IPA is the perfect companion for lazy brunches, sunny afternoons, and all occasions where a burst of sunshine is needed.

    Submitted by: Alissa Miller
    Approved Request Off

    Stop everything! Your request off has been approved. It’s time to kick back and relax with this delicious double dry hopped Hazy IPA with Grapefruit and intense tropical hop notes.

    Submitted by: Mason DeWitt
    Red Eye Rye

    A Red Rye IPA with a citrusy hop flavor, bitterness, spice, and some sweetness. Citra, Cascade, and Centennial hops. Topped off with a spicy rye malt for a nuanced kick. I long for the days before the IPA boom of the early/mid 2000’s, which is why I think the 3 C’s of hops will work great here. I’ve also been falling in love with Rye in my beers lately and this takes an IPA up to a new level. Adding a sweetness of a Red will make this a trifecta of flavors.

    Submitted by: Jeff Schmidt
    Hazed and Befuddled

    Inspired by a certain early 90s comedy, this hazy IPA pairs bright citrus and tropical flavors with a dank hoppiness that will leave you feeling alright, alright, alright. Sit down with your buds, spark up conversation, and keep livin’, man. L-I-V-I-N.

    Submitted by: Josh Stewart
    Double IPA for a Bad Day

    Double IPA brewed with Motueka and Amarillo hops. A scrumptious, spicy, and floral brew with a golden/amber and hazy hue, medium finish with lasting bitterness. This Double IPA will be a beacon of hope for the worst of days.

    Submitted by: Grace Hilbert
    Sun-Kissed Citrus Milkshake IPA

    Summer IPA filled with fresh citrus orange peels finished with marshmallow fluff to give you that summer dreamy glow.

    Submitted by: Brittany Petrelli

    Voting is closed for this round.


Have a dream beer you have been longing for? Submit your idea and we will figure out how to brew it. It can be as simple as “I want a Stout that tastes like an Almond Joy” to a full homebrew recipe. Generate pre-votes for your idea and it will be entered in a vote. The more pre-votes you get the better your chances are of making it into a vote.



The winning beer is brewed at the end of the following month. The beer is typically ready for release within 4-6wks of being brewed (unless it is barrel aged of course). While the beer is brewing you can place a pre-order on our website. When the beer is finished, you’ll receive an email to pick up your order and enjoy!