MobCraft Batch 100 Released!



mobcraft batch 100
MobCraft Batch 100 poured in a goblet

So we’ve been around for 2.5 years and have turned the brewhouse 100 times! About 90 batches in Andrew and I sat down to figure out what our 100th batch should be! I was pretty excited when he brought up the idea to do a big Belgian Style Golden Ale. And even more excited when he wanted to throw it on Cherries!  This Belgian Style Golden Ale exhibits the red hue and aromas of Cherries and spicy fruity esters. As far as fruited beers go, we decided to bring the cherry flavor through in a big way, while keeping the Belgian character.

We just packaged up 40 cases of this beer and 10 kegs, so its a pretty small run. The rest of the batch is going into a verity of spirit barrels for a nice aging period! Call your local liquor store and see if they’ve got it!



batch 100 label art
Batch 100 label