Señor Bob Update: Shipped!

MC_template_webSenor Bob made a quick transition from barrels to its dry hop and into your hands. We hope you enjoy this beer as much as we do. Its smooth tequila goodness is subtle and lovely.
BARRELS!! Senor Bob has been put into its tequila barrels for its aging process! So excited to try this beer!!
Agave has been added! The flavors are developing and we are preparing to get it into barrels!
Senor Bob has been brewed and is happily fermenting away. We are so excited to get it into it’s tequila barrels!
What Luck! We found some tequila barrels! Tequila barrels are harder to find, Bourbon is Made in the USA and barrels are readily available, however Tequila only comes from Mexico, Therefore the barrels must come from Mexico!  These barrels are going to be awesome! These are 59-gal ex-red wine barrels that aged both reposado and Anejo tequila for about 5 years! The Tequila is to be emptied in late May, and to the US in the first week of June. So we will get them Super Fresh!
Señor Bob wins the monthly vote! An Imperial Cream Ale brewed with Agave syrup and aged in Tequila Barrels. First step on our list is getting the label art made up, then sourcing the tequila barrels!
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