Holiday From Real

Extra Special Bitter
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Nonprofit Crowdsourced Winner

A malty ESB with citrusy orange peel, cherry, and amaro liqueur inspired spices.

This beer is brewed in support of the Dear Jack Foundation and named after a lyric from a song by indie artist and nonprofit founder Andrew McMahon.

Submitted by: Dear Jack Foundation

The Dear Jack Foundation provides impactful programs benefiting adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer and their families to improve their quality of life from treatment to survivorship.

The AYA (adolescents and young adults) Cancer Community is one of the least recognized and most underfunded. AYA patients (diagnosed between 17-39) are supposed to be dating, going to college, starting a career and family and instead end up in a battle for their lives. The Dear Jack Foundation provides services in the form of wish granting, mental health resources, couples’ retreats and more.

Learn more about the Dear Jack Foundation and ways you can support the fight against cancer.