Playa Breeze

Fruit Beer
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Limited Release
MobCraft Playa Breeze

Passion Fruit Amber Ale boasting a robust amber hue with light tropical passion fruit flavor. Take me to the beach!

MobCraft is collaborating with Los Morales Brewery to bring you Playa Breeze a Passion Fruit Amber Ale that will be featured at Puerto Rican Family Festival in Milwaukee September 10, 2023! This beer will also be in our 2023 Advent Calendar. Cheers!

About Los Morales Beer

Los Morales Brewery was born from a collective desire to blend cultural roots with the craft beer world. Drawing inspiration from their rich heritage, the brothers set out to create beers that transport drinkers to their sun-soaked shores and lush landscapes like those of their home island Puerto Rico. Using tropical ingredients like pineapple, coconut, guava, and passionfruit, they craft tantalizing flavor combinations that leave a lasting impression.

About Los Morales Brewery

Los Morales Brewery stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities that arise from combining tradition, innovation, and cultural influences. With unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, the Morales brothers – Yaphet, Jimmy, and Yussef – along with their invaluable partner, William Gundrum, have elevated the home brewer craft landscape in Milwaukee and beyond. Their fusion of tropical ingredients and traditional brewing techniques tantalizes taste buds, inviting family, friends, and beer enthusiasts on a flavor exploration that pays homage to their Puerto Rican heritage.

Yaphet, a 10-year Coast Guard veteran, former teacher, and non-profit director, along with Jimmy, an Army veteran and police officer, bring their dedication and service mindset to the brewery. Together with Yussef, a social worker, and William a pharmacist, they work tirelessly to serve the community.

Puerto Ricans in Milwaukee

Puerto Ricans came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the 1940s and 1950s to work in the expanding brewery industry. The breweries faced a labor shortage and actively recruited workers from Puerto Rico. This recruitment was part of the larger Puerto Rican migration to the United States, driven by initiatives like the Puerto Rican Labor Program. Puerto Rican workers found jobs in packaging, bottling, and other production roles in the breweries. The stable employment provided by the breweries led to the growth of the Puerto Rican community in Milwaukee, with families settling near the breweries. Puerto Ricans established cultural and community organizations, contributing to the city’s social fabric. While many initially worked in breweries, individuals and families later diversified their employment. Today, the Puerto Rican community continues to have a significant impact on Milwaukee’s culture and economy.