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Don Durio's Filthy Mustachio

Durian and Cashew Pilsner

by Nicholas Lombardino

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83bc75eb6e01a6ae9dc97b090324570f 100x100 andynehrkorn is drinking a Don Durio's Filthy Mustachio at New Berlin, WI

"Durian fruit? What is it? I don't care because it was really good. And the cashews added a nice..."

Cfb40ad76156b0d779730e654d83f2ff 100x100 KyleT14 is drinking a Don Durio's Filthy Mustachio

"Not gonna lie. I kinda bought it just for the name. Yet very good."

Durian and cashew pale pilsner. "A meandering river of pale pilsner malt supports the languid and pungent raft of durian fruit as it carries you along shores dotted with the cashew-strewn rubble that was your expectations' frail civilization." - Welcome to the New World of Flavor that is Don Durio's Filthy Mustachio.

Recipe Details

Scaled down so you can brew your own 5 gallon batch
Special ingredients
  • 4oz Durian (that means you have to eat the other 12 oz!)
  • 8oz lb Cashews
  • Saflager W-34/70
Malt bill
  • 8.5lbs Pilsner Malt
  • .5lbs Caramunich Malt
Boil time
  • 60
Hop regimen
  • .4oz Chinook @ 60
  • .75oz Fuggles @ 20
  • 1oz Hallertau @ Flameout
  • 1.052/1.009
  • 45
  • 5.1%
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