Ice Cream Social Gone Boozy

Four of Madison’s favorite local businesses have come together to give you an Adult Ice Cream Social!


What: Whiskey shakes, beer floats, boozy sundaes, espresso shots!
Where: Barriques-West Wash. 127 W Washington Avenue, Madison, WI
When: Thursday, July 30th 5-8PM

What’s on the menu?

Bat$hit Crazy + Mexican Hot

MobCraft Beer: English brown ale brewed  with milk sugar, and coffee!
Calliope Ice Cream: Cinnamon, chipotle, and chocolate… enough said!

Cervezarita+ Lemon Lavender

MobCraft Beer: Imperial Mexican style lager aged in Mezcal barrels with lime salt and agave!
Calliope Ice Cream: A refreshing, light citrus base infused with herbal lavender flowers.


Old Sugar Queen Jennie  + Graham Cracker

Old Sugar Distillery: Queen Jennie Whiskey is made from 100% Wisconsin sorghum and aged in small charred oak barrels from Minnesota
Calliope Ice CreamRemember how delicious graham crackers dunked in milk were when you were little? It’s like that but so, so, so much better…

Old Sugar Brandy + Brandy Old Fashioned

Old Sugar Distillery: Traditional-style brandy made from local grapes, aged in medium toast barrels, imparting the warm vanilla tones.
Calliope Ice Cream: Wisconsin’s favorite cocktail shows up as one of the best ice creams you will ever taste. Would we lie to you? It’s amazing.
We decided to give you our recipe for this blended deliciousness!

1/2 cup ice cream, 3 ice cubes, 1/4 cup milk 1 oz bourbon, blend until smooth garnish with gram cracker crumbs

Make one for yourself at home & share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!

About the locals!

Barriques: “In addition to our irresistible fresh from the oven bakery, we have a light sandwich and salad menu to take care of your tummy. For evening enjoyment we serve several tap beers, and wines by the glass or bottle. Plus you can pick up a bottle of your favorite wine from the infamous Wall of 100.”
Old Sugar Distillery: “The name Old Sugar stems both from the use of sugar as a base for many of the products and from Madison’s history of beet sugar production. All the spirits are crafted, beginning to end, in house using the modified pot-still made by Colonel Wilson.”
Calliope Ice Cream: “Calliope Ice Cream develops, discovers, and explores all the awesome flavor combinations that exist outside of the traditional ice cream box, conjuring fond memories through flavor and using the highest quality ingredients available. We are inventive, innovative, and creative (without being gimmicky) and strive to have a good time while we work hard. Remember, it’s only ice cream after all.”

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